Her communication skills — verbal, written, artistic, and visual — were superb. She thrived in the fast-paced, unpredictable world of a tech giant, working with and around my busy schedule.
— Myosha McAfee PhD., C.R.E.S.T. Director at Google

Happy Clients


Paige shows clarity, determination, and an inspiring and innovative vision for the role media can play in forming and sustaining communities. She leads teams effectively and shows great regard and support for individual goals.

— bhoomika ghaghada, Founder | Street fcz

Paige Polk is exactly the kind of person you want to work with on a project— easy going, intelligent, clever, professional and a problem solver. Their experience spans far and wide, and their expertise ranges from project management to execution to post-production. Most importantly, Paige has a keen sense for perspectives and understanding the full scope of a project before diving in. If you want things done properly and a plan to execute successfully, work with Paige.

— Joanna graham, social media manager | NYC Mayor’s office

Me encantó trabajar con ella. Nos ayudó apoyar la memoria y el futuro de la organización mientras compartir métodos fuera de lo convencional a alcanzar nuestra comunidad.

— Rebecca Lanez

It was great working with Paige. Not only do they really know their stuff about reaching communities effectively, Paige was invested in understanding how our team worked together so that we could be even better.

— Asher Demadet, developer | Lexis Nexis