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You’re looking for a strategically minded ideator to support your organization. As a Digital Director, I create interactive multimedia projects that spark human connection.



I’ll help you express a clear voice, strategize for your goals, and navigate the numerous moving parts required for digital work.

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What Is a Digital Director?

With a focus on social programming and cultural organizations, my work is to holistically invest in community. I combine creative production and systems development to help you make an impact.

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Looking for resources on how to do good and be good in an ever-changing media space? I share a regular newsletter about staying smart and honorable in the information age.

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The Process

Unsure where to start? I offer a variety of options to help your company express its vision and mission.


Her communication skills -- verbal, written, artistic, and visual -- were superb. She thrived in the fast-paced, unpredictable world of a tech giant, working with and around my busy schedule.

— Myosha McAfee PhD, C.R.E.S.T. Director at Google

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Grade A Service

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